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Monday, June 16, 2014

Disaster (Narrowly) Avoided

Today we had Brecken's very important annual echocardiogram.  I will give more details on that later.

However, during the ECHO ultrasound gel go onto his Blankie.

Let me tell you about Blankie.  Yes, this particular blanket has its own name and deserves a capital letter.  We purchased Blankie last year on vacation on our way home from CO in SD at Bear Country.  It was just a super soft cute blanket.  Next thing we knew, Blankie was an important part of our family.

Each of our children have a blanket they love.  But over the years they learned to love it.  Never as a baby did either of the big kids have a lovey.  This baby makes up for it.  I knew it was important to have Blankie there for this appointment today.  Blankie really did save the day.  Holding Blankie makes Brecken was to suck his thumb, which was key to get him to hold still for 20 minutes.

During the ECHO ultrasound gel got on Blankie.  I couldn't figure out how I was going to get it washed today, since he LOVES to sleep with it.  After a 2.5 hour nap I put it right in the washer.  I checked the timer several times.  Then I forgot about it!  He was finishing dinner and I ran downstairs.  As if I wasn't on a big enough time crunch anyway I didn't add enough clothes in with it (yes I am that caught up on laundry!!!) and it didn't spin.  I had to wring it out by hand and crank up the dryer.

It was still wet at bed time.  I turned off Brecken's bedroom light and wouldn't let anyone come in his room while I was reading/singing to him….because I took Bluie (Christian's blanket) and tried to fool him.  He did hold it.  Then looked at it.  Then swatted it.  Then held it (desperation?).  In the end he cried in his crib.  I felt so bad for him, but there was nothing to do except sneak Blankie back in as soon as I could.

On top of this 30 minutes later I hear a noise from Christian's room (besides the bizarre Indian Tribish music he is currently insisting on going to bed to).  I walk in and he's trying to fight back tears and said, "I can't find Bluie!  I don't know where it is!"  Then he proceeded to sob.  I assured him I would find it (thinking it's gotta be close to being dry now) and off I went.

Sure enough Blankie was dry (enough).  I slipped that next to sleeping Brecken and carefully removed Bluie.  I walked into Christian's room and he was so relieved.  I fibbed (for his sake) and said it was on the couch.  He said, "I was afraid you gave it to Brecken because I heard you tell Daddy his was still wet."  I kissed his head and said, "Do you think I'd do that?" I held my breath not knowing what he'd say or what I even wanted to hear.  He said, "I think you just want to make Brecken happy."

So true.  It was an emotional day.  I just want all of them to be happy.  Forever.