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Saturday, March 9, 2013

False Alarm Again

As my Uncle Ray would say, "Well, I'll be goddamned!"  False labor.  I have tears in my eyes and I'm filled with disappointment this morning.  I'm so tired my eyes hurt.  After three hours of contractions that became consistent and stronger I laid down to rest at 11:30 and sure enough, my hopes of a March 9th baby slipped away.  Nuts, nuts, nuts!  There's worse I would like to say!  So I will put maternity pants back on over my enormous belly.  I am officially so ready to meet this little baby.  I thought for sure today was the day I would wake up a Mommy of Three.  Instead I will get a much needed pedicure and go walk MOA when the babysitter gets here this evening.  Hopefully this will be the week.

Friday, March 8, 2013

This Could Be It

Lots of action tonight.  I had back pains today.  Mild contractions during Skate Night.  They've been between 12-5 minutes apart for and hour and a half so far.  Pretty sure this is it.  Grandma Deb is standing by.  We'll drop the kids off on our way to the hospital.  I want to tell them this is it.  I was to record their reactions.  It's a special night!  Our bag is packed with the little baby girl and baby boy outfit.  We're watching Blue Bloods to pass the time, pausing for contractions.  Checked our Baby Pool and my cousin Chris and Christian are the closest to the date choosing March 12th.  I'd put some money on March 9th now.

Will I Remember?

My pregnancy is quickly coming to a close.  It could end today for all I know - however, most likely not.  Don't get too excited:-)

I absolutely LOVE being pregnant.  I love so many things about it.  My favorite part is definitely feeling the baby move.  He or she is awake right now and is thumping around inside of me.  Nobody in the world would know that but me, unless I told you.  I love to feel a knee or elbow and gently rub it with my fingers.  I love to take a bath and watch my belly move all over dreaming of what my baby looks like and is doing in there.  I love the anticipation of wondering if it's a boy or girl.  I LOVE talking about all the what ifs with Mark and Victoria and Christian.  When Baby's here.....

As my pregnancy slowly begins winding down I wonder what I'll remember about these 9 months.  I kept a journal when I was pregnant with V & C and if it wasn't for that I really wouldn't remember a lot.  I remember being a full nine months pregnant with V and napping on a Saturday when Mark decided to put a new kitchen floor in and I stood on the laminate slats to hold them in place for him.  I remember driving to Colorado for the first time freshly pregnant with Christian and being so exhausted I couldn't keep my eyes open no matter what.  I remember Mark going to every single appointment with me through Victoria's pregnancy.  Now he offers and I say, "Don't worry about it," and off I go.  I remember being at Como Zoo on Father's Day when I was pregnant with Christian and I felt nauseas.
I remember being at the North Saint Paul Car Show on a Friday evening when I was pregnant with Victoria the first time I noticed what a good sniffer you have when you're pregnant.  I could smell old men's cologne, cigarette smoke that I thought was going to make me choke and freshly fried french fries nearly a mile away.  I remember the Arby cravings with Christian and the Dairy Queen cravings with Victoria.

Considering I was pregnant nearly 39 weeks with each of them though, I don't have a lot of memories.  I wished I remembered more.

As I sit here with my legs spread to leave room for Baby as I sit I wonder - What will I remember?

I'm certain I'll remember being so very pregnant at Johnny's wedding.  I'll have pictures to haunt me
forever;-)  Will I remember going to Water Park of America for two separate weekends and being disappointed I couldn't do much of anything of the Lazy River?  Will I remember shopping for all new maternity clothes this time?  Will I remember how tired I was in August that Mark put up black blinds in our bedroom so I could sleep any chance I could get in the day?  I know I'll remember going to Mexico pregnant!  That was certainly different.  But I wouldn't have changed one thing about it.  Will I remember all the different desserts I've tried everywhere?  From Molten Lava cake to tiramisu to the cinnamon goodness of a churro.  I've never enjoyed desserts so much!  Will I remember my first year in first grade being pregnant nearly the entire year?  Will I remember taking Victoria and Christian to several ultrasounds given by Aunt Molly.  Will I remember driving my girlfriends around town on Girls' Night out being the sober cab?  Will I remember everyone's questions and excitement over the little Baby Humphrey?  Will I remember the relief when the baby dropped last week so I could breath normally again?  Will I remember going to Chicago four months pregnant with my school friends and wanting dessert several times a day and they'd go with the flow and eat cheesecake with me?  Will I remember trying to hide my pregnancy at Meet the Teacher in September because I wanted all the parents to like me?  Will I remember going to Macy's on our anniversary and choosing my birthing gown and the coming home outfits for a boy and girl?  Will I remember my excitement when Mark built me a huge chalkboard so I could record each week of pregnancy?  Will I remember walking into the room that was transforming from Victoria's room to Baby's room and sobbing hysterically?  Will I remember Christian getting out of my bed when I roll over to go on the other side to be close to his baby.

Only time will tell what I will remember. . .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christian's Face Plant

Mark took the kids sledding and skating two weekends ago when I wasn't feeling good.
I received a text:  We've got a bleeder.  On our way home.
I was prepared to see Victoria with her teeth through her lip bleeding and crying.
But it was Christian.
He did a face plant on the ice and was pretty scrapped and banged up.
I cuddled his little face and held a warm wet paper towel to his face.
A Scooby Doo episode and then he was feeling much better.

The following day he napped in the car.

I sent this pic to Liv and she said 'He's so beautiful.'
Nothing better than your friends loving on your kids!

I told him all his friends would want to know what happened when he got to school.
He said, "Everyone noticed right away!" 

Less than two weeks later there's barely a mark.


It's been seven years and I was waiting to give birth to Victoria when WBL had its last snow day.
Today is another one!  We're so excited there's no school we did the No School Dance!!!!
So awesome!  Too bad I have a dr. appt or we could stay holed up all day.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

36 Weeks

Last week I was 36 weeks pregnant.
I'm holding a teeny tiny newborn diaper and a little bottle. 

Since you can't tell, I redid it.
I'm wearing my birthing gown.
I didn't have a birthing gown for the other two.
But this time since I think I'm a pro, I got myself a birthing gown.

We really are, all ready for baby!