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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,
Tomorrow will mark the 24th week of my pregnancy with you.  For weeks now I wondered if I would ever get sick of being pregnant and actually want you out.  I love having you inside my belly.  I think about you more than you'll even know.  The other day in the lounge I had an extra brownie (ok - since you're the only one who really knows I had TWO extra) and you were dancing like crazy and I started giggling out loud.  It felt so cute and funny while I imagined your tiny little feet going crazy due to sugar overload.  I love to feel you move and I tell your sister and brother, "Oh, our baby is awake."  I love when they place their hands on my belly hoping for you to move.  I love to lie in the bathtub and relax.  As soon as I relax you wake right up and start to party.  I absolutely love it.  The other day I was sitting with another pregnant lady and she was complaining about being pregnant.  I nodded in agreement because it seemed so awkward to admit I love (just about) everything about it.  Today at Michael's the cashier asked when I am due.  I smiled as I said, "March 24th."  She asked Victoria if she wants a brother or a sister.  She said sister, as usual.  As we walked away, Victoria asked me how the lady knew you were in my belly.  I had to laugh because you are getting so big it is definitely impossible to disguise your bump.  Each Sunday I love to wake up to check the app. on my phone to learn the new facts about you for the week then daddy creates a chalkboard sign describing you for the week.  I love the anticipation of wondering if you're a boy or a girl.  I'm often heard saying, "Next year at this time Baby will be __ old."  It's fun to think that next Christmas you'll be here celebrating with us.  I love to wonder what day you'll be born.  I love to think about the exciting day I'll give birth to you.  I adore the thought of you meeting your daddy.  The one thought that brings tears to my eyes every single time I think about it is the moment when your sister and brother lay eyes on you.  Christian talks about touching your cheeks and kissing your lips.  Victoria speaks of teaching you this, that and the other thing.  She believes you're going to be an early reader because she's going to teach you everything she knows.  (I hope you are a very patient child - she would appreciate that.)  I love to think about what kind of personality you'll have.  Will you be more like Victoria or Christian?  Will you have her love of learning or his athleticism?   Will you be right handed like her and daddy or left handed like Christian and me?  Will you have bright blue eyes like the two of them?

Even though each day I get a little more prepared for you to join our family, right now I'm perfectly content having you all to myself.