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Friday, March 23, 2012

Did I Ever Tell You We're Famous?

A couple years ago Mark and I had our pictures taken at a bar in Mexico.  Weeks after we saw our faces on their website.  The following year we saw the same picture on a billboard on the highway.
Last year the billboard is ground level right when you walk into town.  That is totally awesome.
What's even better is, our friends went there a couple months later and took their pictures with 'us' too!

It's pretty cool to be so famous;-)

Showering Stella

My adorable friend Rachael is having a baby girl in about five weeks.
That's after seven years of trying.
After years of prayers and many appointments, etc. finally they will have a baby.

I'll never forget the moment she whispered to me she was, in fact, pregnant back in August at our district convocation.  I was immediately in tears.  This is one lucky baby.

The first thing I thought of is, "Thank God she will get to be a mommy." Then I thought, "I can't wait to plan her shower!"

Last week we had it.

My 'game' was actually played before the shower.  Each guest was asked to decorate a onesie that I provided for Baby Stella.  Then Julie hung them as decorations.
Simply adorable!
*Side note - I will admit - Mark was the actual creator of mine!

The adorable Mommy - To - Be

Opening gifts and loving the soft blankie a friend made for her.

My favorite Mommy to Be's!

Little shoes will be so cute on Stella!!

Our second graders (her last kindergartners at our school)
made her a book of advice and congratulations.

It was so fun to shower her with love, fun and gifts.
Now, bring on the baby!

St. Patty's Day

Last Saturday we spent the day downtown celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  

I haven't had a St. Patty's Day off since 2008. 
I was geared up!

We started the morning downtown on the 30th floor of the Galtier Plaza at my aunt and uncle's place.
They had people coming and going for hours.
We decided to catch the parade from there since we were having so much fun!
They had the traditional corned beef etc. lunch.  
The view was amazing, even though it made my knees weak actually out on the balcony.

We headed out and hit several bars on the way.
Finally we had a Thai dinner (that I choose to only drink water - my best choice of the day!).
Then we headed over to the bus stop and hopped on the city bus - free of charge for the evening.
Although, being the city girl that I am, it was my first ride on a real city bus.

Do I look relaxed?

Notice my finger?  
When Victoria saw it the next day she thought it said 
Hey! Bear Here! and asked, 
"Why were you looking for bears with Auntie Tammey?"

We hit a few more bars and then settled in at the Bay Street.
We weren't allowed to drink on the street, but Pat got around that.

The sun is setting at this point.  So we were about 9 hrs in. 
Can you tell?

Now can you tell?

We ended the night at Zamboni's for a dozen Bud Lights and a Meat Lovers Pizza.
*Even in that situation I took a box to go!  What is wrong with me?*

Then we caught a cab right out the door at 1:15am.

There were many many things that happened that night that were hilarious but, it's all a bit hazy.

After 15 hours, I'm just glad we made it home!