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Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School Heachaches

Here it is.  The night  before the first day of school.  After having all summer off, I'm so far from ready. My house isn't ready for me to be back to work.  My mind isn't ready to be full time teaching tomorrow.  My body isn't ready to be working full time.  I'm so far from ready.

But it's here and I'll do my best.

I've been suffering from migraine headaches since I was a teenager.  I've tried many different medications over the years.  Month after month when I was in high school I would get excruciating head aches that would pound until my neck and back hurt.  It got so bad I would actually throw up.  Over the years they've gotten much more manageable.  I can't take any medicine for them when I'm pregnant but it's never been an issue.  Whatever hormone that's messed up in my body when I get them, it works itself out when I'm pregnant.    It's obviously all over my medical records how terrible they've been.  It was one of the main concerns my OBGYN had at my last appointment.  I smiled and said, "Seriously, it's just not an issue any more."

I should have knocked on wood.

My headaches have been so bad in the past two weeks even sleeping is difficult.  It makes all day every day a struggle.  The last time I blogged (about Victoria learning the tie) it got so bad I was crying and throwing up with ice packs balancing on my shoulders.  Poor Mark was googling what to do for me.  He eventually brought me luke warm hot chocolate to my luke warm bath in the dark to give me some sugar.  My face was swollen the next day from all the action.

Today I felt sick for most of the day my head hurt so bad.  I couldn't sleep last night.  I would go from one location to the next trying to get comfortable.  It was torture.  I just wanted the night to get over.

Luckily, I napped in the afternoon and felt good enough to have fun with the family in the evening.

But....between being so exhausted and these constant head aches.... I am not ready for tomorrow.

Sure Victoria's lunch is made with a cute little note written on the tinfoil holding her peanut butter sandwich which is cut into four little triangles.  Her take home folder is filled with her back to school papers with a little gift for her Fabulous First Grade teacher.  The check is written to our daycare provider.  The laundry is all clean.  But I am not ready.

What I wouldn't give for another week.  But I will settle to wake up tomorrow without a head ache.