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Monday, July 8, 2013

Beach Baby

One of the very best things about having summers off is definitely going to the beach.
Last summer I remember sitting at the beach having just found out I was pregnant and I wondered and worried what this summer was going to look like.  Would we even be able to go to the beach?  If so, how much stuff would I need?  How long would we be able to stay?

I am pleased to say our three month old has been to the beach four times already and he has yet to be the reason we left.  Once it started to rain, once my butt was sore from sitting on the sand for more than three hours, once it was super hot out and even the beach couldn't beat the heat and once we all were just ready to go.  

But Brecken.  Nope, he's our little trooper.  
He's our Go With the Flow Baby.

*Even though I always dress him in a swim diaper and swim suit he has yet to feel lake water.
Pool water yes, but not lake water.

Sometimes he gets passed between friends.
Sometimes he finds the perfect spot in the sand and can sit up by himself.
Sometimes he naps in his carseat in the shade.
Either way, he hasn't slowed us down one little bit and I love him even more for that!

Fill 'Er Up With Her Milk

I asked Christian to help me carry my milk downstairs to the deep freeze from the freezer upstairs today.  I reminded him over and over, "Don't drop them.  Don't drop them."  I opened the freezer and he said, "Whoa!  That's a lot of milk Mommy!  How much milk do you need?"  "I want the entire thing filled with milk," I told him.  "That's why you pump all the time.  That's why you're a good Mommy."

*This was typed while pumping;-)