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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fancy Dinner at Aunt Molly's

Aunt (Godmother) Molly had us over for dinner the Friday before Christmas.
Molly and I are so many opposites it's hard to believe we attract.
Not to say I don't appreciate a beautiful dinner, but I just wouldn't actually do it myself. 
That, my friends, would be crazy town.
However, this amazing and generous friend of mine planned a Christmas dinner for my family.
I was extremely appreciative of the invite, however, it was hard to shake the memories of the last time we were invited for a "fancy" (my word - not hers) dinner.
Christian was about 2 years old and choked on God-Knows-What and literally threw up in my hands.
Thank the Holy Lord it barely overflowed.
Maybe Molly barely remembers that, or that explains why it's been about three years since we've been invited back, but either way we were on our way the Friday before Christmas.
They were extremely gracious in eating extremely early for our kids' bedtimes sake. 
(Take note family members!) 
Unfortunately, Fridays are the night Brecken likes to go to sleep early since he's so tired from daycare all week.  Which means he'd like to go to sleep between 5:00 & 5:30.  We left our house at 5:00 and when we put his coat on the kid went ape shit.  
That's not a term I throw around lightly.
I seriously considered saying we couldn't do it.
Or having someone come over while he slept and we went.
Or Molly bringing the food to our house (yes - I briefly considered that)

We stopped at the liquor store with a SCREAMING baby to buy Molly a bottle of wine.
Mark texted me: They don't have it. What should I do?
I responded: You need to fucking leave now!

We arrived almost 30 minutes late, which is not Humphrey style.
I texted her from the LQ and let her know and she responded: Don't rush. We want tonight to be relaxed.
I texted back: Thank you. That's what a good friend says.

And then we walked into this:

I took this picture and texted it to Laura that said:
OMG! She didn't know the kids were coming!!

Fancy glass with some Sprite and cherry juice!
Who's feeling special?
When we walked in I told Molly,
"It was Festive Day at school today."
She said, "Well, I see who won!"

Every. Detail.

That, my friends, is the butter.
Christian ate the top half.

The Yule Log - Dessert

She included the kids in making the mashed potatoes.

The dinner went flawlessly,
(besides Christian spilling his Sprite 3.4 minutes into dinner) and the small fact that Brecken tossed his bottle to the floor from his highchair that hit one of their vintage Christmas bulbs and it SHATTERED in the middle of dinner.)
Miner details.
I was frozen.
I could not believe it.
They we extremely gracious and I actually believed they were cool with minuscule shards of glass all over the corner of their dining room.

Shortly after Brian cleaned up that disaster and our kids devoured the yule log they brought out this gift.
Just looking at this pictures chokes me up.
This is a rocking horse Brian's grandpa made for him 30+ years ago.
They gave it to their Godchild.
I have to admit, at first I thought they just wanted him to ride it, at their house.
But as they were talking it seemed like they were actually GIVING it to him.
I almost said we couldn't accept it.
I whispered to Molly, I didn't know if we could take it and she cheerfully said,
"Of course you can! He's the only baby in the family!  Plus his name is Brecken STEVEN."

**In the family!!**

This is blurry, but it's the very first shot of him on it.
Let's just say he kinda likes it!

Only Aunt Molly would give a gift of Doody Head where you throw pieces of doody at each other.
That's what Aunts are for!

In his tux, thinking he's the coolest infant in the world.
And he's right!

So cute!

Man, kids just love this dude!
And I'm pretty sure this dude loves kids;-)

We ended up leaving at about 7:30 and then they came over for a long night of crockinole.
They are the best friends a couple could wish for, never mind being amazing Godparents.
We are so blessed!

Love List

My Favorite Day of the Year is right around the corner: Valentine's Day!
In the midst of planning two birthday parties for Christian, one major party for Brecken, and our anniversary, I'm also planning Valentine's Day.

My favorite holiday!!

Love love love it!

I love Vaelntine's Day because it means: Friendship, Love, Partnership, Laughter, Hearts, Red, Everything Good in the World!

It also means no gifts necessary (so they're even more fun to surprise someone with!!) and everyone LOVES a Valentine's Day card!  I made one right after Christmas and ordered 30.  Then I was playing around and came up with a better idea and ordered 40.  Therefore, I have almost as many Valentine cards as I sent out in Christmas cards!  I'm trying to save on shipping and hand out as many as possible, but really, if they had Valentine stamps I wouldn't hesitate to send them to my own co-workers!

In the name of Love here is my current Love List (in no particular order):

* Teachers Pay Teachers
* Early bedtimes (love our schedule!)
* My Best Class Ever
* Brecken waving
* Christian eating (canned) carrots
* Creating digital books
* Party planning
* Reality TV: "Juan Pablo", Housewives, Big Brother, Boston's Finest, Fashion Police, the list goes on......
* An Empty washer and dryer
* Victoria scoring the top scores of the whole grade
* Date nights - even if it involves Walmart
* Friends who love our children - that's a whole separate post!
* Having the kids current stages captured in pictures
* Party Planning - Did I mention that?
* Pinterest - with ETSY pulling in a close second
* Antipasto salad from Carbone's
* Keeping in contact with distant friends
* Brecken's daycare mommy who loves him.  It shows from her and him.  We are blessed.
* US Weekly
* Listening to Victoria sing along to her toothbrush singing Party in the USA while brushing her teeth - so cute - I've been caught trying to record it several times.  She'd like me to wait until she knows the words better:-)
* TMZ - man they get their info fast!
* Buying "baby" clothes with my husband who longed for this baby for so long - "Nothing is too much for the third child!" - said no one but my husband!
* Personalized anything
* Reading the blogs I love: livlife, kellehampton, handsfullandlovingit, sunnysideupblog, babygarvin
* Planning gifts people will love!!

There it is, my current love list.  Subject to change at anytime.

Send someone (or two or four!) you love a note telling them.  I promise, they'll appreciate it!