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Friday, August 28, 2015

Things That Happened Last Spring

So so much has happened in my life in the last few months.
In no way ever, could I blog about everything. 
Therefore, I uploaded a load of pics from a chunk of time so things aren't forgotten.

A Personalization company emailed me this.
I just might buy it.

This is a little thing that I loved during one of the most stressful springs of my life.

My little sleeping angel in his crib, with his sleep sack on at our "old" house.

Victoria's folder of resources for her independent study on Tornadoes.
She presented to her class after creating a Power Point on her own in her free time at school.

I love to meet celebrities.
My favorite genre is memoirs.
When the two come together it's just plain awesome.
Bethenny Frankel was at MOA for a book signing.
I could not find a single soul who wanted to go with me.

So I brought my favorite little reader.
We didn't have to wait in line long….
she's not quite as popular as NKOTB that's for sure.

There was a man standing behind/next to us.
I could tell he was a local celebrity from what people were saying to him.
A couple months later I found out it was Jason from a local station and this fall he will have his own show called The Jason Show about randoms things including celebrities.
So Jason whispers to me, "Is she really reading that?"  I said, "Yes, she is.  Totally inappropriate, I know!"  He laughs and swats me on the shoulder and said, "You have the prettiest most well behaved child I have ever seen!"  I thanked him.  Suddenly, I was his fan too.

Bethenny spent our entire 45 seconds together gushing over Victoria's gorgeousness and she asked how old she was.

It was perfect.

Then we stopped for a snack.

And played some games in the Rotunda.
I am so thankful for the MOA.
Not only do I go often to family amusement but it draws the celebrities to a Mall Near Me and I appreciate it.

Sitting still for once…
watching Elmo at the "old" house.
He's even adorable watching a show.

We used to do this thing where he would pucker his lips through different slats in the crib and I would following him all over to collect all of his kisses.  Then we'd always end over the top bar.
He no longer in a crib, so I cherish this pic.

He LOVED wearing that vest.
The flippers were a new addition, but that vest….
is now packed away.  #toosmall

Super awesome activity I found on Pinterest for my unit on Plants.
My students can eat all the parts of a plant.
I LOVE teaching!

Victoria's 9th Birthday.

We stopped to see Baby Leighton on the way to school.

I took Victoria out to lunch and...

Daddy was able to meet us!
It was a gorgeous day and she felt so special.

This little guy loves that blanket.
We bought it on our road trip to CO summer of 2013 at Bear Country in SD.
A couple months later we could tell it was totally going to be his lovey.
I searched everywhere to find another one for back up.
Never ever found one.  
Then last year on our road trip we found another one in Breckenridge.
What are the odds?
But it didn't matter anyway because he HATED the new one so much he literally wouldn't even touch it.  And if he accidentally did he was not happy about it.
So Ning Ning, as he calls it, has gotten so wore out it's gross.  And a total pain to remember Ning Ning before we leave the house.  And pick it up off the floor of….everywhere.
I have phased him away from Ning Ning the last few weeks.  He only gets it when he's sleeping.  He says Good-Bye to it when he leaves his room and gives it a huge HEWOOOO when he returns to bed.
This has also greatly reduced his thumb sucking.

This was the night of V's real birthday.
After a blown tire and AWFUL traffic we finally arrived at MOA only to see Sea Life closed early for a private event.  We felt pretty defeated.

Until dessert came.

We relit candles over and over so he could blow them out.
I brought my own candles to Caddilac Ranch.

Then the fantastic waiter asked if she wanted to ride the bull.
It was adorable.

Of course little brother wanted in on the action too.

Victoria asked if we could, "Please go to Build a Bear."  It was way past all of their bedtimes but Daddy was in no way shape or form going to tell his little Birthday Girl no, so here we are.
The only people in the whole store.

Brecken making his very first one.

It was a birthday to remember.

Odelis brought Lucas to school so we could meet him.

Victoria's BFF at school.

They had matching backpacks in third grade.

I tried to crop out Christian but he totally knew;-)

While teaching the plant unit I found this adorable little sign.
And then one of my students gave me daffodils.

Mark and Brecken and Ben and Benjamin Jr at the Ice Cream Social.
The boys are almost exactly one year apart. 
It's nice to have a little friend to pass our things on to.
However, as you can see, he's catching up!

The crew.
One of my favorite school functions!

Christian showing off his artwork.

Once in a while Laura and I call in our order to the Meet Market.
Then pick up our lunch and eat on this dock during our lunch break.
It is perfection.

Mark gave a talk to Victoria's class about being a contractor and dealing with city government.

Brecken's best friend at daycare named Lilah.

Therese's dog Tess.
See, he wore that vest constantly.

Before bed selfie.

Playing catch with Daddy.

Trip to Sea Life.
The gift that keeps on giving.
Dad and Deb gave us a family membership for Christmas.
We use it all the time!

He loves his letters!
He was sure this said Elmo.

Playing in the water just for fun.
Water settles him down.
"Old" house.

Under the table at Acapulco's.
Ning Ning has been everywhere.

What are the odds V and I invite Therese out to get pedicures..but she couldn't…then we get there and Therese's daughter is there!  

This is…just true.

One of the many many trips we spent waiting in different waiting rooms.

We got very comfortable and often played Hide N Seek.  Sometimes people would even want to join in.  I suppose it's not every day you see a kid hiding like this and a mommy saying 50 times out loud, Where in the world could he be?!

My dad had some major health concerns/scares last year.
He's had a pretty healthy six months now.
I let him take Christian over night (on a school night) to the Eagle Center on Earth Day for a day of learning.  One of the best decisions I ever made.  Months later, he is still spewing eagle facts, never mind the life long memories he made with Papa!!

Outside daycare. 
He is always so excited to see her!

Big Baths at our old house….
Always tons of fun!

A (couple) former student older sister crashed my classroom in the evening and posted it on fb.
I was so confused when I saw it on the morning.
They are the funniest family ever!

Water makes everything better.

Playing Hide N Seek at the doctor's office.

So many appointments….

He ended up being really sick this day and his asthma was way worse than I thought so he had to neb. three times a day for a week.

After school shenanigans.

That's his It's Friday face!

I think this was back in early May….when was it Liv?
Liv came over on a Friday night and brought over a box of memories.
Victoria was very interested.

These used to be very important.

That was such a fun night!!

Outside the regional championship for Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby.

We didn't get the scores we hoped for but we had a fun day cheering on Christian's car.

Having fun at our old park.

Making breakfast at the old house.
It is so funny to see Brecken wearing a diaper!

Beautiful Sunday morning playing at the park!

Followed by a drive by….of the house we were yet to own!

Followed by a stop at Teddy Bear Park.

Christian spotted a Harriett license plate!

Hugs at nap time.

Reading in a box.

Practicing for the Talent Show!

Working on Aunt Molly's Mother's Day gift.

I uploaded and started typing this well over a month ago.
It is so strange and so fun to see everything that was going on in our lives just four months ago.