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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.  Are you familiar with Alexander's at all?  (Only the teachers are nodding right now.)
Yes, today was Mrs. Humphrey's terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.  And it was also Kelly's terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.  It's unusual they both have a bad day.  Just last week as I was unloading the dish washer, listening to music, while the kids were playing nicely outside I thought, it's been a long time since I had a bad day.  It was a pleasant passing thought.  I should have knocked on wood.  Hard.
Today is supposed to be Track and Field Day.  One of the biggest, most exciting days of second grade.  May 24th, 9:40.  Lots of preparation.  We're Team Red.  I love the anticipation. I love that we all were the same color.  I love the whole team aspect.  I love screaming and cheering my team on.  I love walking around taking pictures, chatting with parents and proudly watching my class run and jump their little hearts out.  
This morning it was pouring out.  Raining cats and dogs.  They even said possible flash floods.  I continued to pull my hair back, dress in red and wear tennis shoes to school.  
It was a frazzled morning.  I was getting Victoria to put her 'late' library (that a story in itself) in her backpack, packing up my clothes for the Vets (which I thoughts signing up for that yesterday was a good idea for today) loading all the gifts for Christian's three pre-school teachers, loading the frosted cupcakes for the pre school teachers and for our volunteer  No hands left for an umbrella.  Not a big deal until a whole plate of perfectly perfect chocolate chocolate cupcakes slid off the plate onto my driveway.  I screamed.  Loaded the other plate.  Replaced the cupcakes with homemade (there was a reason I baked like a fool last night heating up my house like crazy) chocolate chunk cookies onto the special Thank You plate.
Two trips into the preschool to drop everything off.  In the pouring rain.
One drop off at daycare.
I was throughly soaked by the time I got to school.  At least it was just a drizzle by that time.  
Come to find out my friend's daughter may have broken her arm last night.  I took her class and sent her away to meet her dad and daughter at the doctor for x-rays.
I popped popcorn for 75 students.  Turned Track and Field Day into Movie and Popcorn morning.  
After all that my principal dropped a bomb.  I will, in fact, need to change classrooms for next year.  Pack a decade worth of things up and change rooms.  After being told, I would have to move I was upset.  Upset enough to go to my friend's class with two Kleenexes and ball my eyes out.  
Then I felt a little better.  

Seven hours later, the day finally wound down.  Just before bedtime I headed over to the mall for a pedicure and buried my face in a book.  So glad this day is over.  Hopefully taking 77 second graders fishing tomorrow will make for a less eventful day.