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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School Jitters

Even though I have an entire week left of summer vacation my back to school jitters have set in - bad!  It's the strangest thing how I got so anxious and nervous.  I wonder if this will ever change.  Christian continues to cry several times in the night.  I think he's so used to waking up and crying and I cuddle/rock/rub/kiss/sing to him that he would like that 3-5 times a night until he goes off to kindergarten.  Last night I reverted back to sleep training (ie crying it out).  Which means I enjoyed the late night (2:30am) 80's classic Mr. Mom while listening to my two year old cry and call for me.

In the end it worked out great.  He slept until 7 - this never happens - and he was happy.  He did, in the end, get the sleep he needed.  However, I couldn't fall back to sleep.  Thinking of all the things I want to do and finish and get started before I go back to work had my mind reeling.  So at 5:00 I decided I'd try a new Jillian Michael's workout video.  It's about time!  I gained 15 pounds this summer - damn those lunches out, late night snacks with Mark and beers by the fire! So I sweated and panted only to feel quite sick at the end.  Between being so tired and out of shape I deserved it.  However, mentally I feel so much better.  Hopefully I'm ready to get back into my routine.  Jillian said something to me this morning. 

She said, "Start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable."  That's my new mantra for the next two months.

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