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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Day at the Movies

Today is not very hot (thank goodness) and cloudy.  I am so happy with this weather.  I hate when it's a gorgeous day and I'm very tired.  I'm very tired because Christian's recovery finally hit home last night.  His nose is draining like crazy, apparently down his throat when he's sleeping.  There's more pain now.  They said day 3-5 of the recovery would be there worst. 

I decided we needed to have a low key day but still wanted to get out of the house.  We headed over to Grandma Kaye's (she's not really any of our real grandmas, however she treats my kids like her grandchildren and her daycare kids call her grandma and it caught on!) to play with Baby Yaya, Dillan, Arionna & Simon.  The kids love Simon.  We played for about an hour and then. . .

I loved every bit of it!  Besides in the womb, Christian has never even been inside a movie theater.  Victoria has had two short trips, one with Papa Wayne to see Dog Hotel.  She begged to leave after 30 minutes.  And a short version of Oceans with Mama Jeanne.

I finally found a time that would work around (our sacred) naptime.  12:10 at the WB Township Theater.  We arrived at 12:14, hit the bathroom, got ourselves the biggest popcorn money can buy (also the largest Diet Coke for the Momma!) and we found ourselves in an extremely dark hallway leading into the theater.  I was thinking, "Holy crap!  They're going to be scared and crying before we even find a seat!"  Luckily the next thing on the screen was really bright and led us into a completely (ok there were three people at the very very top row) empty theater!  Jack Pot baby!  That's why I picked Toy Story 3.  It's been out for months.  I was hoping for an empty theater because I didn't know how they were going to do.  I was armed with bags of candy from the candy store last night, sippy cups and wipes.

Christian actually isn't heavy enough to hold down the folding chair.  So his little legs were at a 45 degree angle as he chowed down fists full of popcorn.  Then he said (in a loud voice), "That's a super huge TV!  Why's it so dark?  Lights broken?"

Victoria looked like a little pro.  Her eyes glued to the screen as she was searching for the giant popcorn tub that actually was as deep as her little arm is long.

This bliss lasted for about 15 minutes.  Then Christian starts whining, "Go back home nooowwww."  I picked him up and cuddled him on my lap.  His little hands were on my bare thighs (I'm wearing a skirt) when I realized his little palms were very warm.  I touched my lips to his forehead and got a Mommy Style Confirmation he had a fever.  Why wouldn't I bring the Tylenol WITH ME?!?!?  We stuck it out for another 1.5 hours.  By the end he was walking up and down our aisle and sometimes the aisle in front or behind us.  But it was just dark (scary) enough that I knew he wouldn't go too fast or too far. 

We saw the movie from beginning to end.  They each got an egg from the old fashioned hen then turns around and around like it's laying an egg.  (Is it odd that I'm calling games from my own childhood old fashioned?!)  We all consummed a lot of popcorn and had a great time.  I sped home and got them down for nap within seconds of entering the house.  Christian's temp was just below 100.  That's to be expected for the next few days as the healing progesses. 

It may be a while before we head to the movie theater again.  But I know we'll talk about Toy Story 3 and our adventure together for a long time.

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