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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Outdoor Stadium

The roof of the Metrodome collapsed a couple weeks ago after a huge blizzard left us with a "Historic Snowstorm" the news called it.  We received 20 inches in 24 hours at our house.  We spent the weekend being snowed in.

Due to the roof collapsing the Vikings were forced to a different city to play.  The following week (last Monday) they played at the University of MN's field.  It was 29 years to the day that the Vikings played a home game outside. 

I had spent the day at home shooting Tylenol into little mouths to bring down fevers.  I received a call at 3:30pm from Molly asking if we wanted to go to the game.  I was still in my pj's as were the kids.  The house was a disaster.  I was exhausted.  But yes, I wanted to go.  I said yes before I even asked Mark!  Grandma Jeanne came right over.  We bundled like I hadn't bundled since I played outside when I was a kid.  Molly and Brian picked us up.  We were off.  We caught a shuttle to the field.  It was an hour before kickoff.  We grabbed some free hand warmers, got frisked at security and we were in.  It was general admission.  We were amazed at the row 15 seats we got.  We spent the first hour eating.  The second hour cheering for our first touchdown! 
The third hour freezing.  Molly and I spent half time in the bathroom changing out our warmers.  Her's in her boots and mine in my back pockets.  We were getting creamed in the third quarter.  Then we headed out.  But not before we got some great pictures of us totally freezing!

Enjoying brawts.

Even though the Vikes lost and Favre's career is most likely ended
the game will go down in history and we were a part of it.

Thanks to Molly & Brian for bringing us on the adventures of the night!

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