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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shopping in Minneapolis

A couple weeks ago I met Liv at her house at 9am for the start of a wonderful Girls' Day Out for shopping.  I was welcomed to Liv's gorgeous purple striped wall.  I was going to insert a pic here, but I don't want to steal her thunder. 

Off we went to Minneapolis to find a great pair of jeans.  We were so excited to get the best parking spot in the ramp. . .and then I noticed it was half an hour until it opens.  I grabbed a spiced cappucino and we wandered around.  We notice Barnes and Noble was open so we crossed the street.  We laughed and laughed and talked and talked about books.  I took pictures of books I want to read and ones I want from the library.  I've banned myself from buying any more books. .  .  I did find a very nice set of 11X13 Van Gogh prints for my unit this spring though.  Yay!

Finally Macy's opened its doors.  We headed in to find a fabulous pair of jeans.  Apparently Macy's is anti-denim or something.  We found a dress for $3,500 but very very slim pickings on the jeans.  I did find a couple cute shirts.  Then we headed for an early lunch at the Local.  I had a breakfast buffet and the world's worst Bloody Mary. 

Next Liv wanted to introduce me to the world's largest Target.  I was going to stop at Target on the way to her house, but then didn't want to be late for I didn't go.  It was a HUGE Target.  Since Target is one of my favorite stores soon our arms were full of goodies and we had to steal a cart.  This Target is so big it has an escalator.  One for humans and one for the carts:
Next I took Liv to a huge Marshall's.  She's never been to a Marshall's before!!  On our way we saw a gorgeous Christmas tree.

It wasn't the most successful day of shopping but it was a ton of fun.  Can't wait to go it again.

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