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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Borrowed Book

A couple weeks ago Laura's student teacher brought in the most amazing pop up book I'd ever seen.  I shared it with my class.  We ooohhed and aaaahed over it.  Then my students started bringing in their own pop up books and shared them with the class. 

I loved it.  They were taking something we were enjoying at school and taking time at home to make that connection. 

One of my most adorable and nice little boys brought in a Scooby Doo pop up book.  Holy smokes, I was s excited.  I did something I don't ever do.  I asked the student if I could borrow it.  He said no problem and I was on my way with it.  We read it together that night and the following night.  I walked away when Christian was looking at it (for a split minute - seriously).  Bad choice. 

Next thing I knew he was standing in the kitchen looking up at me holding paper in his little fist trying to explain it was an accident.

Of course!  The kid never ever rips his own book but this one he does!

Turns out he thought there was one more page.  But the last page was glue to the hard cover.  Total accident.  But still.  It belonged to a student.

It took me a couple minutes to track it down on amazon and I ordered him  new copy.

First thing at school I explained the whole story to him. He immediately said, "Oh don't worry.  That's no big deal."  How sweet is that?!  What kid wouldn't want his teacher to order him a new book?

I explained it was already ordered and it would be here in a couple weeks (turns out it shipped today!).

Then I received a note from his mom today:

Mrs. Humphrey,
We appreciate your concern about the Scooby Doo book, but no worries.  We actually got the book at a garage sale and it's probably been touched two times since.
Mom's name
second grader signed his name

What a nice family!

What a great learning experience.
I showed the book and told the story to my class.  Then I read them the note.  Then we discussed how if you borrow something it's important you return it the way it was given to you.  The little boy then told the class that I should at least keep 'broken' book.  The class agreed.  (However, I won't)

It was a wonderful lesson on being a good friend.  Both ways.

Again, I love my job.

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