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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bulb Garden

I was at WalMart the other day (now that's a shocker!) and I saw Bulb Gardens on sale for $8.  I put one in my cart thinking how my kids would like to watch it grow.  As I zoomed around the store for the other 999 things I needed I thought about how I already bought bulbs and they bloomed and took up the whole table and how annoyed I was moving them all around the kitchen because they were always in the way. 

Then I got a really good idea.

I would take the Bulb Garden to school instead.  I went back and found the Bulb Garden with the least growth.  It looked like a large pot with 7 little green sprouts in it.  These suckers grow super fast, so I wanted one that didn't have a head start.

Each day this week I took a picture of one student holding the bulb garden then I'll add all 21 pictures to my end of the year iMovie.  It's amazing how many bulbs have bloomed already in five days.  The kids love when I pick someone for the picture.  Each hoping it is himself or herself.

Today a little girl and I were counting the daffodils.  She was saying how different it looks since Monday.

Then she says, "And I can't believe you just planted light bulbs and got all these flowers!"


  1. Wow! Somehow I missed this story, must have been scrolling too fast. That's a cute story. And a really good idea with the pictures.

  2. AH! I don't know if you know this but your blog forces me to do a captcha EVERY.SINGLE.COMMENT. (You're lucky I still comment so much!)

    Anyway, when I posted the above comment, the captcha was "bloom"! Isn't that weird?