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Friday, December 30, 2011

A 'Late' Night Trip to MOA

Mark has been working late for a week or so.  Which means he barely sees the kids.  That on top of Victoria coming to me today saying, "Mom, I'm getting concerned.  We have a lot still on our List of Fun and we're running out of days."  Oh, so, true.  I got the idea to head to MOA at bedtime.  Christian napped today and V was in a good mood and everyone was missing daddy.  We all ate dinner together and then headed out at 6:30.  We stayed until almost 8:15.  We did the usual, Ghostblasters (I got my highest score ever - I told you those guns were broken before!), Kiddie Bumper Cars, Swiper Sweeper, Hot Air Balloon Ride and C and I went on the Log Chute.  It was filled a night filled with fun that ended up being free.  Victoria still has her unlimited card for another month and I had enough random points in my wallet for Christian.  It's always exciting to be out when it's dark because it's not that often.  It was even more exciting tonight to see the planes coming in to the airport in the dark.  One went right over the top of our car very very low.  Mark slowed down as we were exciting to get on the highway and I rolled my window down and Christian little mouth was wide open and his blue eyes were huge.  It was a glorious family night.

Preparing for the end of the year.  Off to get a good night's sleep so I can welcome 2012 the proper way.

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