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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

T-Ball Fans

Christian was pumped up for his second night of t-ball all week.  
He just couldn't bare the anticipation, even wearing his knee high super special
t-ball socks all days when it was 98 degrees.

He had a lot of fans there this week and it was picture day.
I was excited for him to show off and didn't take many pictures
except for the video he insisted on.

Mama Jeanne and Brian and Molly were also there.
Too bad I didn't think to get a picture with them!

Here's Victoria and Mama Deb watching closely from behind the backstop.

Mama Deb was cheering very loudly for him.
After the game Christian informed me he would like me to cheer that loud next week:-)

The funniest part of the game was when Christian had a nice hit and made it to second base.
Three kids later he was still stranded on second base.
All of a sudden he runs around the diamond right to me and bends down for his glove.

He said, "I FORGOT MY GLOVE!"  All frazzled and out of breath.
"You're on second base still!!  Get out there!!!!" We were all yelling at him.

Poor kid looked confused, then dropped the glove and ran back to second.

When he was finally headed to home plate he missed it by about five feet.
"You missed home plate, Buddy!  Go back and touch it!" I told him.

"Aahhh, it was close enough," was his response and he grabbed his water bottle 


  1. So, if I'm reading this right, Christian was on 2nd for SOOOO long, he thought he was fielding? That's so funny.

    1. Yes, that's exactly right. But sooo long for a four year old is about 2 minutes.