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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just Plain Happy

It's just past 7am on a cloudy cool summer morning.  I wish this day could last forever and it's only just begun.  With Back to School looming in my mind and my dreams (literally) I plan on cherishing these last couple weeks enjoying them and checking off the last of the Summer of Fun list.  Victoria is still sleeping, Christian is cuddled under a blanket half on my watching Wild Kratts and I can't help but feel so completely happy.  So content.  Everything is good happy.

Therefore, I decided to make a List of Things That Make Me Happy  - In no particular order - of course

* Clearance Sales
* When me kids ask questions
* Completing something on my Summer To Do List
* VBS - 3 full hours of free educational time for my kids that I do not have to participate in - for a WEEK!
* Reality TV
* Anything that releases my creativity note to self - do this more!
* Shopping
* A good night's sleep
* Chatting on the phone
* Going out to eat
* A clean house especially if I wasn't the one who had to do it
* Giving a thoughtful gift
* Writing meaningful thank you notes
* Planning ways to make this school year special for my little first graders
* Libraries
* Brownies
* Girls' Night Out - whether with my friends or my own little girl
* Good smelling candles
* Holding babies - the other day I held Stella and Sebastian within hours of each other
* Going to the movies
* A good fitting bra
* A good book I can't put down
* Sharing good news

It's going to be a great day!

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