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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tying Over and Over

I taught our girl how to tie tonight. We've tried before.  Several times.  But tonight she was determined.  Very determined.  She got upset.  She almost cried.  And I whispered, "You know how this goes.  It's new and tricky.  But with practice you can do this..."

She calmed down and tried again and again.  And then she did it. We double high fived then she untied them and did it over and over with the brightest smile.  (Video to come tomorrow when I don't have a terrible head ache.)  Victoria and I made a quick run to Hallmark (for something very specific - details to come) and we got home she said, "Hey look my shoe is untied!"  Then she bent down and tied it...just like that:-)

Just in time for First Grade!

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