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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cry Me a River

One night last week I had a large lunch so I wasn't starving when I got home from school.  I made the kids dinner and thought I'd eat after they went to bed.  I forgot/didn't know Mark had an estimate that night.  He was reading/tucking in Christian while I was reading with our super duper reader Victoria.  While she was reading to me I had a thought.  Peking chicken from Leeann Chin's.  This thought quickly became a pregnancy craving.  That is one thing I completely forgot about being pregnant.  How STRONG those cravings are.  Make your mouth water (literally), can't think about anything else, must. have. it. now. craving.  I told V I had to leave story time early (I didn't confess it was to have my craving served) so I had to get upstairs.  I figured I could (or my adorable husband who loves to leave the house to get me particular food anytime time night or day) run over to Leann Chin's before he needed to leave.  I crept upstairs to find the living room empty.  I started to write down my precise order when it sounded like Christian was already doing his sleep breathing.  I poked my head in there and Mark was gone!  Mini-van gone!  He had already left!!  I called him and nonchalantly asked why he left so early.  A whopping 9 minutes early in my book.  AKA, just enough time to get to Leeann Chin's and back.  He offered to stop and get it for me on his way home and assured me 'it wouldn't be long.'  I pouted on the couch for a bit getting hungrier and hungrier.  Then I had a brilliant idea.  I called my Jonathan.  A 16 yr old boy with a license surely wouldn't mind running over to Leeann Chin's for me if I offered him a little side cash to go along with it.  Unfortunately he was at basketball until 9pm.  I refused to devulge the real reason I was calling, a tad embarrassing.  I decided to wait it out for Mark to come home.  I waited and waited.  8pm rolled around and I texted my order.  50 minutes slowly passes before he called.  He just let the customers house, but he was on his way to get the Peking chicken.  I felt relieved and knew it was just a matter of time.  Until it wasn't.  He got there at 9:05 and they closed at 9:00.  Unless you've been pregnant and had an unreasonably strong craving and were completely irrational at the same time, you probably have no understanding as to why I refused to eat anything else and went to bed and cried.  Literally unconsolable crying.  Mark came in the bedroom trying to make me feel better.  Offering to make this or that or go and get me any of my typical favorite foods.  But I continued to cry.  I wanted to stop.  I knew it was ridiculous.  However, I cried until I fell asleep.

I awoke feeling much better.  And very hungry.  I took the kids to Denny's for a full breakfast before school.  I haven't craved Peking chicken since.

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