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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Little Star of the Week

The first time Victoria's class had a Star of the Week
she was obsessed.  
She spoke about it daily.
In early October her name was chosen.
When she saw me at the end of the day she screamed, 
"Guess who's Star of the Week!!!"
The moment she got home from school she dropped to the floor and began working on her poster.

Each set of grandparents came to lunch one day with her.
Mama Jeanne & Papa Mark brought a Happy Meal and a milkshake.

Here's Victoria in her classroom with her Star of the Week bulletin board.
We had fun choosing pictures to go around her poster.

Her poster:
Six years old.
Favorite food is Chinese.
Favorite animal is a turtle.
Favorite color is hot pink.
Favorite place is Colorado 
(she chose a picture of Casa Bonita)
She wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up
("fossils" were glued on in that category)
Favorite place to go is school
(picture of her and her amazing teacher)
If she could have one wish she would have
"a lot of stuffies."

Papa Wayne & Mama Deb brought a Happy Meal later in the week.

Parents are asked to write a letter to their child that is read to the class.
I had several versions.
Here's the one I decided to go with:
October 10, 2012
It was a sunny and warm day on April 14, 2006.  It was the most perfect day for the most perfect daughter to be born.  Victoria Mae was born at 8:33pm with lots of dark brown hair.  A mommy and daddy have never been happier.  That baby grew and grew until she was one.  She loved to listen to stories and loved to go to the zoo.  She grew and grew some more.  Then she was two.  She turned into the world’s best Big Sister just before her second birthday.  Victoria was caring and gentle with her new baby brother.  She grew and she grew and she turned three.  She had farm animals in her backyard to celebrate.  She learned how to crack eggs and learned the joys of baking.  She grew and she grew and she turned four.  She began preschool and she started to read small words.  She got her first manicure and she loved Scooby Doo and having Girls’ Night Out with her mommy.  She grew and she grew and she turned five.  She celebrated with a Pinkalicious party and her mommy and daddy stood back and looked at how beautiful she had become and wondered where the time had gone.  She learned how to ice skate that winter.  She grew and she grew until she was five and a half and she began kindergarten.  Victoria’s mommy had never been so proud of her than on that day she got on the school bus.  She was a good reader and she listened well at school.  She made a lot of friends because she is a kind little girl.  She grew and she grew until she was SIX years old!  That six year old loves science and nature.  She loves to cuddle and read any time of the day.  She loves to solve math problems in the car.  She loves to learn about creatures that live in the ocean and enjoys going to Underwater World at the Mall of America.  She loves to sneak out just before bedtime (when her brother is sleeping) with her mommy to have hot chocolate and banana bread pancake pups at Denny’s when it’s dark out.  Victoria moved into a new bedroom with a nice big new bed. She is decorating the room all by herself!
Victoria is blessed many people who love her and want to spend time with her.  She is a thoughtful girl who thinks about others before herself.  She works hard at everything she does.  She follows directions and is helpful to adults.  Victoria is more perfect than her mommy and daddy ever thought a daughter could be. 
We love and adore you Victoria.   
 Mommy and Daddy

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