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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Adenoids Again?!

The summer Christian was 2 1/2 he had his adenoids out and it was life changing.  He was sleeping better.  He was behaving better.  It was nothing short of a miracle.

He'll be five in a month and for the last year I've noticed his heavy breathing and snoring at night again.  He had a hard time staying dry at night and seemed constantly stuffed up when he would lie down only.  This morning he came in my bed about 6:00am.  We cuddled and he immediately fell asleep in my arms.  I closed my eyes but quickly opened them again to look at his little face as he struggled to breath.  This is the original reason why took him to get his adenoids checked years ago.  He happened to sleep with me and I quickly realized what a difficult time he had breathing at night.  He chokes and flails around and chokes and snores and flails some more.  He did this in my arms for two straight hours this morning.  My mind was racing.  It was exactly like I remembered it being when he was little.  After battling another terrible head ache today I finally sat down to google it.  The very first website I found was this.  See for yourself.  I am going to record him sleeping and choking tonight and get him in ASAP for another appointment.  I don't know what else it could be.  However, the idea of another surgery makes me feel sick.

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