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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random Good Times

When I was going through all 2,000 pics I've taken this past year I found some randoms that wouldn't make their own blog.  So, here are a few of them:

Victoria and her Great Aunt Joan.  Aunt Joan came to town in late September and we all went out to dinner the night of Chrissy's shower.  Victoria LOVES her Aunt Joan.

Christian and his BFF Rosie the day I missed their Halloween Party.
I raced over there as early as I could and the entire party was over and the preschool door was locked. 
I stood at the window crying.
Eventually I went in and sucked it up.
Apparently, I can't be in two places at once.
But in his mind, I was still there.
Which is all that matters. 

Victoria's Great Aunt Jane chaperoned her field trip to the Children's Theater to see
Cat in the Hat.
Aunt Jane had never been on a school bus, so that was exciting for her.
Funny thing is, I was on the same field trip and sat in the row right behind them.

I was reading O Magazine the other day 
and saw V wrote this on a page at the end.
:-) She is so sweet.

Victoria doing her Book Worms (a challenge reading class for exceptionally good readers)
on Thanksgiving morning.
I love how she'll sit right down to do homework.

Christian's recipe for how to make a turkey.
Why hadn't I thought of adding frosting to a turkey??

Victoria's recipe for how to make a turkey.

The kids were so excited when we got to the water park on Thanksgiving!

The kids were exhausted from the water park and we were on our way to get our Christmas tree.

Victoria was home with pink eye a couple weeks ago.
She and I had Subway for lunch.

Victoria records the minutes she reads each night for a month and then turns it in.
She's supposed to read at least 150 minutes. (Yes, that's a very low standard, I agree.)
In November she read 866. That's more like it!

So there you have it.  Lots of random good times.

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  1. Those were random, but somehow tied together well. I, too, think 150 is way too small an amount. 300 minutes a month is only 10 minutes a day. That seems perfectly reasonable for first graders.

    But, way to go V for being a reader!