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Thursday, December 6, 2012

State Fair 2012

State Fair 2012
One of our favorite days of the summer is spent at the State Fair.
It's fun to do the same things year after year and notice the differences in the kids from year to year.
Such as the Book Nook (I can't remember what it's called actually - but our former librarian from school volunteers at it and gets the kids excited.)

Little Farm Hands

Kiddie Rides

The kids went through a Fun House
and came out COVERED in bubbles.
It was adorable.

Of course, the day wouldn't be complete
without Mark winning an absolutely enormous stuffed animal.
The kids do love it.
I named him Diggity Dog.
I was at the beginning of my pregnancy and completely exhausted.
So Mark had to walk the dog all the way back to the minivan while the kids and I parked ourselves on a little bench.

And enjoyed a corn dog, or two.

Look at Victoria's face.
She is a proud and happy little girl!

My parents met us out there and picked the kids up
but not before Victoria earned her Blue Ribbon for finding 
a word the starts with each and every letter of the alphabet around the fair.

It was a very fun family day.
Looking forward to seeing how it goes next summer when we're back to 
pushing a stroller around the fair. 

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