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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Which Words Do I Love Best?

I'm not sure which words I love better:  I'm all packed for Mexico or We leave for Mexico TOMORROW!
They're both awfully good!

I always forget how much planning it takes to get ready.  Pack the kids for 6 days and bring the stuff over to dad's.  Make arrangements for the dog. Three days of lesson plans at school.  Plus Christmas is just 14 days away.  There's a lot happening.  All the more reason to go to Mexico!  

All year we talk about going.  We watch the iMovies.  We have pictures all over the house.  We've made lists about what we need to take.  What we want to do when we're there.  Our top favorite memories.  What I CAN drink while we're there.  It is by far our favorite topic. (Besides our children of course.)  

This year will be different.  No ziplining, no swimming with the dolphins, no hiking at Telum, no drinking.  But we are going to try Cozumel again.  My snorkel gear is packed.  I'm going to do some extreme shopping.  We're ready for some quality time.  I love the excitement of getting into that shuttle at the Cancun airport and that 45 minute drive to Playa is the ultimate anticipation.  Dropping our bags at the entrance of the resort and going to check in while the pretty little Mexican lady bring us fruit juice in champagne glasses.  I love opening our room door for the first time.  I love walking to the beach for the first time and taking in all the beauty we've been missing for the past year.  We will try many different restaurants.  We will experience different things together.   I love it all.  

There's a lot to do today, however, in 24 hours we'll be on the plane.

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