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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mexico Documentation

Every year we've gone to Mexico I've made an iMovie.  Not only do I make it, but I have it done in time for Mark's Christmas gift.  This year on the way home there was 9 days until Christmas.  Mark mentioned he didn't think I'd get it done in time.  On Christmas Eve I loaded the pics.  I used every spare minute on Christmas Day to work on it.  Going as far as telling Mark I was having a terrible time setting up Victoria's new iPod for hours, when really, I was trying to get the movie finished.  At 9:30pm I started burning it.  The first one always takes a long time, especially this year since we had morning video than ever.  At 10:30 I proudly confessed I had no trouble with the iPod and handed him the dvd.  We sat right down to watch it.

On the plane I had the pics chosen for the Mexico blog and had that posted before the New Year so it will be in my 2012 Blog Book.

The last thing I had to do to document our trip to paradise was create the digital scrapbook.  By far my favorite of the three to create and look back at.

I started to make it a couple weeks ago only to find out my $20 coupon wouldn't work.  I began recreating it not once, twice or even three times and the site shut down and I lost everything.  Finally, I sat down and created a new account under Mark's name, used his debit card (which technically has my name on it too) and I saved every couple minutes.  My $20 coupon worked until the very last second and it kicked it out.  I gave up on the coupon and finally ordered it this morning.  I've been working on it for nearly three hours and I believe it's one of the best I've ever made.

I'm so excited to receive it next week!

My documentation is finally complete.

Now I need to start working on Christian Birthday Book!

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