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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christian's Face Plant

Mark took the kids sledding and skating two weekends ago when I wasn't feeling good.
I received a text:  We've got a bleeder.  On our way home.
I was prepared to see Victoria with her teeth through her lip bleeding and crying.
But it was Christian.
He did a face plant on the ice and was pretty scrapped and banged up.
I cuddled his little face and held a warm wet paper towel to his face.
A Scooby Doo episode and then he was feeling much better.

The following day he napped in the car.

I sent this pic to Liv and she said 'He's so beautiful.'
Nothing better than your friends loving on your kids!

I told him all his friends would want to know what happened when he got to school.
He said, "Everyone noticed right away!" 

Less than two weeks later there's barely a mark.

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