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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Victoria's 7th Birthday Party

A couple months ago I asked Victoria what kind of birthday party she wanted.  Her answer... a fun one this time.
I will admit, I was offended.  I've thrown this kid better birthday parties than I've ever seen in my life.  So to want a FUN one, was hard to swallow.
However, I must admit, when she said Chuck E. Cheese I was less than thrilled.
When I asked why she wanted it there she explained how she wanted to do the Ticket Blaster - she saw it on a commercial.  

However, when I realized I could book the entire party online and just had to order a cake and bring it there, this party seemed better and better.  

We headed over to Blaine on Saturday morning and our Birthday Girl was PUMPED!

Here it is:  This is the entire reason we booked the party at Chuck E. Cheese!

I can't tell you how adorable it was!

Victoria's "BFF" from school.
That's how they actually refer to each other.
So first grade cute!

Her guests

Her super special blow up Chuck E. Cheese crown.
What kid wouldn't want one of those?

Our first official family of five picture.  Chuck E. makes six;-)

It was a fun filled day just the way she wanted it!


  1. Happy Birthday V! Looks like and amazing time. I'm so glad you got the 1,000 ticket!

  2. You can only say that the party was successful when the celebrant had fun. Looks like your little girl had a great time partying at Chuck E. Cheese, and so did everybody else. I'm glad you asked her and gave her the chance. Some parents decide on their own because they handle the budgeting and the planning, but since it's your kid's day, go for what and where she wants to party! Surely, it will be a blast!

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