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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Girls Night Out (G.N.O.)

We started girls night out when Christian was a baby in order to male V feel special.  We were pretty consistent about that until.....

Baby #3 was on the way.....

A lot of weeks went by without V getting a GNO. A. Lot. Of. Weeks.

So finally I took her for a GNO.  She wanted to get some books.

She wanted some new 'second grade books.'

She wanted a Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.

How could a momma disagree with that one.  It's a classic!!

She picked up a dozen more and we were out of there!

Then she wanted to stop by a park and she climbed to the top.

Then I asked her to put  he arms out and yell, "I'm the queen of the world."
But it was just weird and she was asking me why I made her say that.

Here's my girl and me at GNO!

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