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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stop the Learning

Tonight was amazing.  Christian received his goals from his teacher.  His literacy goal is letter sounds, decoding and reading CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words such as: cat, rat, sit, dog.  His math goal is number recognition and his personal goal is to problem solve.  I'm reading into that as Stop Tattling Goal, we'll see what she says on Friday.

After dinner he wanted to write words.  He wrote a few he knew.  He asked how to spell Victoria and from there we sat for an hour writing and READING words.  Today is THE day he officially learned to read.  He sounded out and read completely on his own: cat, sat, rat, mat, pat, bat, fat, flat, and, sit.

He was cheering for himself jumping around and sliding on the floor after each new word.  We read them several times.  I wrote each word on a little turtle and hung them on his headboard.  He said, "Great!  Now when I'm waiting for the six (as in 6:00) in the morning I can lay here and sound out words!"  I told him I would find a book at school that had -at family words and he said, "Thank you Mommy!"

We started a new story tonight, Frog and Toad.  I was reading away and said, "Hey Buddy, you know this word!"  He read sat and just about flipped out!  He ran over to my room where Mark and Victoria were reading and was screaming, "I read a REAL word in a REAL book!!!"  I pointed to each word I read and I silently pointed to a word he knew.  He read, I, a, am, the, and, sat, sit.   It was awesome!  He didn't want to stop reading.

He couldn't calm his brain down and ended up begging to sleep on the floor next to my bed.  I wonder if he'll run back into his room in the morning when he remembers he can read!

Then I finally headed downstairs to see Victoria was still reading.  "You have to go to bed," I told her.  "Nooooo, please let me keep reading.  I just got a great idea.  I am going to write down all the stuff I learn in this book and then I can just read that paper so it all sticks in my brain."  "I did that in college.  It's called taking notes,"  I said stunned.  "Good, then you understand.  Can you get me a clipboard, a notebook and a pencil please?"  "No, you need to go to bed."  "Pleeeeease mommy I'm learning so much from this book."  Just then I actually thought I was going to say, "That's enough learning for one night!"  But I bit my tongue and kissed her and walked away.  She read for a while longer.

Yesterday Brecken began oppositional (regular) crawling.

There's been some pretty big milestones around the Humphrey Household lately.  It's about time we have some things to celebrate after a rough week!  That post will come at a later date. . .


  1. So cute and exciting! I love hearing all of the different stages of learning happening at the same time in your home! How happy and proud are you. . .?!?! :)

  2. Everything in this post made me smile out loud.