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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

30 Week Ultrasound

I have had more ultrasounds than anyone you know.  (Unless you're Molly and then you probably know more).  Seriously, many many ultrasounds.  Between three pregnancies and Molly being very generous and giving me one anytime I want I've had a lot.

Today the kids and I went in and I thought about it all day.  I was like a little kid at school.  Couldn't wait to get out of there and see my unborn baby.

The kids and I drove to Apple Valley and I couldn't wait to climb on into the expecting Momma chair.  Turns out I was low on fluid so I need to drink a lot more water.  Because of that the pictures didn't turn out as well as we hoped.  I'll go back next week to check the fluid and have more pictures taken.  Victoria doesn't like the talk about enough fluid and brought me my water jug twice tonight. She also said, "Don't you wish you could turn back time and Aunt Molly told you your fluid was perfect?"   I will make a conscious effort to drink more water over the next week....really for the next 10 weeks...then I'll be nursing so the next year I guess.

During the ultrasound we did learn some interesting facts about out little Bambino.  It has hair!  We could see it's shorty little baby hair, but actually there hair.  How cute is that?  Baby hair!  I can't wait to get my fingertips on it!  We could see its teeth really clearly.  Kind of spookily clearly.  Obviously they're still in the gums (I HOPE!) but we could actually see its little teeny tiny teeth.  Molly was showing me the hair way on my left side and I said, "Oh, the head is way over there?  I thought its feet are over there.  What's kicking me then?"  She casually says, "The feet are.  They are up and over it's head."  So the head, both feet and arms and hands are all on one side.  No wonder it can be uncomfortable sometimes!  Its little feet were measuring in at two inches.  How cute is that?  Little baby feet!  What's cuter?

Its heartbeat was 141BPM while it was awake.  Its 30 weeks but it's measuring at a solid 32 weeks but its head measured, not once but twice, at 33 weeks.  Yes, the head that I'm expecting to slide out from my body in approximately ten weeks.  Wowzers.  That should be a good time.

From what we could tell Baby has chubby cheeks like Christian and Victoria's nose.  Which she is fine with since chubby cheeks will fade but a 'nose is a nose' she informed me.

Aunt Molly sent us home with arms full of goodies.  The kids had Doc Humphrey stations set up all over the house.  Victoria spent a good half hour feeding Peef its new bottle.

I'm off to the bathroom since I'm taking this whole drink more water thing seriously.  But I'm already excited to see it again next week!  Hopefully a little more clearly through all the amniotic fluid I'll have!

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