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Friday, February 21, 2014

(A Surprise) Bonus Day AGAIN!

Maybe you're getting tired of hearing this....but I'm not:


Yes, seriously school was cancelled for the FIFTH time this year!

We made one up last week and we'll make another up in April but there is NOTHING like the shock of getting ready in the morning and hearing your husband yell, "Kel!  It's closed again!!"

Totally awesome!  My dad surprised us at 10am with a bag of fruit and donuts and took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.  It was closed when they got there but I've received a text with a pic of C going to town on a bag of cotton candy.  They've been gone for 5 hours as of now.

I spent the day loving on Brecken.  Now that's he's walking it's harder to keep track of him and even harder to take pictures of him.  They're all blurry.  He continues to be the sweetest baby that every lived.  These bonus days are all about spending unexpected time with my kids (and catching up on laundry).  This winter will be one we talk about for years to come!

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