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Monday, June 9, 2014

Day One of Summer Vaca

Today was officially Day One of Summer Vacation.  And it was one hell of one!
There are so many weeks (pretty much each and every week) I feel like I'm constantly behind on house things and don't spend nearly the time I want to with my children.  Never mind actually spending time with Mark.  Some weeks I'd give just about anything for a half day just to catch up on things or time to read longer with each of the kids.

Finally.  Finally, summer is here and I have time.  I am busy still, but not working full time on top of doing everything I do each week is bliss.

Since V starts Summer Academy next week I let her choose our activities this week.  Chuck E Cheese was at the top of her list.  (Which is a little odd because she was just there on Friday night for a birthday party.)

This morning Mark went off to work and the big kids and I cuddled in bed watching some cartoons.  Then we got Brecken up.  I got everyone fed and dressed and out the door at 8:45.  We were at Chuck E. Cheese at 9:03 then called Papa and he was up there in 15 minutes to follow Brecken around.  Everyone had fun.  I love when we're the only ones there and Brecken can run free…or as free as I allow him to be.

Then we came home for Brecken's morning nap.  I finished up the 5th out of 6 loads of laundry.  Then I got the grand idea of mowing the lawn.  I heard Mark mention to Christian that he would mow it tonight if he got home early enough.  Christian got it out of the garage for me and we got that sucker started.  I have never mowed a lawn in my life.  Not once.  Not ever.  I have pushed one before, but never mowed a lawn.  I cranked up my iPod, B was sleeping, and the big kids were watching me from the deck.  It was quite relaxing.  After the backyard I checked on the still sleeping baby and headed to the front yard.  Christian followed me all around the yard.  Then we ran out of gas.  C informed me where Daddy kept the gas.  Since I have never even mowed I certainly didn't know how to put gas in it.  I had to ask our 70 year old neighbor for help.  He did help and I was back mowing before he knew it.  I quote our neighbor, "I never thought I'd see the day!"  I couldn't wait for Mark to get home to see our freshly mowed lawn.  Even when I went to get the mail I loved walking by it.

We had lunch and then headed up to school to turn in my old room key to get my new room key.  We played at the park for a bit.  Then we stopped to clean out the car at the gas station and then stopped at our neighborhood park on the way home.  Even though Brecken took a long great morning nap he was fading fast at 3:15.  I hesitated putting him down that late but figured he'd by in be for the night at 5 if I didn't.  So he slept.  I kept on picking up and doing laundry and dinner and such.  He slept and slept and slept.  We all ate dinner and he was still sleeping at after 6!  Mark and I went to wake him up.  He was so out of it he was disoriented.  He ate his dinner.  Mark noticed the gigantic blue goose egg on his forehead - V was pushing the empty baby swing and it nailed him - hard.  :(

At 6:30 we decided to head to Teddy Bear Park.  Since our kids typically go to bed very early, this was very exciting for all of us.  We got down there just after 7.  We played then got some ice cream at Leo's then walked by the extremely high St. Croix River.  We were just down the less than two weeks ago and it at least 8 feet higher.  A baby duck was hanging with a gaggle of geese and Brecken pointed and loved watching the birds.

We finally headed home and got everyone bathed and in bed.

It was the most perfect day of productivity and fun.

I love summer so much.  I love spending time with my kids so much.

Day One was a success.

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