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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grace's Baptism

After 19 months of her birth….
Grace was finally baptized today.
Chris asked me to be her Godmother Thanksgiving 2012.  
I was/am so honored.
I've waited for this day.
I actually chose the day myself, because, frankly, I was afraid it would never come if I didn't.

Cousins greeting each other.
The sweetest!

Big Sis-Lil' Sis

Their Family of Five

Godmother Kelly and Godfather John
All three of us look so happy.
Framable for sure….
for the baptism frame I bought for Grace's room:-)

Bestest cousins with our third children.
We got to church 30 min early to take pics.
It made for a super long service nearly TWO hours, but it was so worth it.

The Brothers

This little girl is a gift from God.
She is truly a little angel.

The kids carrying down the water for the font.
I think this makes a baptism so special at our church!

The whole crew up there for the actual baptism.

Our Pastor gave Grace the church cloth to wipe her forehead and she did it herself.
It was so sweet!

At the Baptism luncheon back at Grace's house she kept saying, 
"Hi Brecken" over and over!
Cutest thing ever!!
She can speak better than some second graders.
Yes, seriously!

Out of all of Grace's gorgeous gifts she loved the bubble wrap the most.
Especially since Mommy wouldn't let her touch most of her gifts;-)

I am so proud I was chosen to be Grace's Godmother. 
I love her to pieces!

And this one….
well I just couldn't resist.

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