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Monday, July 14, 2014

Back from the Road Trip

After a ten day - extremely busy - road trip, we drove five hours home yesterday from Mitchell, SD to find my parents waiting on our stoop.  It was hard to tell who was more excited….the grandkids to see Mama and Papa or Mama and Papa wanting to see the grandkids.  They had a pizza dinner order already placed, they had the house decorated with Welcome Home everywhere, two gallons of milk in the fridge and a cooler of "my" beer cold and waiting.  (It's a small and unknown fact that Mich. Lite is a midwest and midwest only beer.  You are not able to buy it in CO at all so it was nice to get my hands on a few last night in my new Casa Bonita glass.)

We all went to bed happy to be home.  I woke on a mission.  It was my most favorite kind of day.

I like to call it Getting Shit Done.

I did four loads of laundry, picked up Cookie from his new sitter, visited Mama Jeanne, got some new books from Half Price (where Brecken grabbed a stuffed animal off the shelf and broke a glass all over the floor that I had to pay for), bought fossil/rock collecting jars from Michael's, got the car washed, got all the crap of the inside of the mini van and vacuumed it out (a really big job), mowed the front yard, pulled weeds for over an hour, and kept my children alive and happy all day long.

I am exhausted.

My list is just about as long for tomorrow.  Off to bed I go. . .

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