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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Both Sides

A couple nights ago Mark and I sat side by side on the couch reading a booklet about Gifted Students sent to us by the WBL schools.  We laughed at how many of the things fit Victoria to a 'T'.  

And now….

Tonight we received Brecken's IEP via email.  We're getting ready for our first official meeting in a couple weeks.  Some of it was so hard to read.  1%tile in one area.  All the things they noticed.  On one hand I felt like I should protect him better so they didn't see all of that.  On the other hand, I'm so grateful they really did get to see "everything" so he is able to get the help he needs and deserves.  Several times in the report they stated I was able to understand everything he needed.  That made me feel good - since that's what mom's are supposed to do - but it also got me wondering how much is given to him with little effort.

It's very interesting being on the opposite side of the table through this whole evaluation process.  I've sat through dozens of IEP meetings in my career.  On just about any given meeting you may hear some walking down the hall at school in the morning grumbling about going to one.  To be on the other side, that's a whole new ball game. Being nervous about the outcome.  About being judged.  About wondering if I made the right decision referring him.  

I'm excited/anxious to get the therapy going.   I'm hoping all of this is going to pay off.  Soon.  
Soon would be nice.  

Each of our children are so different.  In lots of ways it's nice they are so different.  In all the ways I hate to see them struggle.  Whether it's a struggle with being bored at school and not having patience with other kids who 'don't get it' or struggling with saying words to communicate or struggling to sound out the same sight word over and over again.  A struggle is a struggle.  

This part of parenting is so difficult but yet rewarding.  We felt a lot of rewards today at their conferences.  We're hoping this new IEP will help give Brecken reasons to feel rewarded too.

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  1. You are an extraordinary Mom with extraordinary kids! Love you all!