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Friday, October 24, 2014

My Night with Nick & Knight

Well, it turns out a "Once in a Lifetime" event came around for me again.   
Since New Kids on the Block reunited back in 2008 (the very highlight of my life)
I have had quite a few of these events.
Let's take a minute to reminisce shall we?

June 2008 - Met all five of them at MOA after 15 hours of waiting.
October 2008 - seeing them at Xcel Center with Liv just days after coming home from Mexico.
January 2010 - Experienced Jordan Knight solo with Liv at The Cabooze.  One of the most memorable nights of my life.  SO FUN!
June 2011 - Traveled to Chicago with Liv for four days and saw NKOTBSB after a long day on the trolley. 
July 2011 - Met Jordan at Best Buy in Litchfield - Mark also met him.  
July 2011 NKOTBSB EIGHTH row with Molly.  Touched Donnie and created my first youtube post.
July 2013 NKOTB with Chris (after driving home from Yogi with my infant to turn around and drive back again the next morning).

Here we are in 2014.

This happened one month ago.
September 24, 2014.
One of the things I enjoy the best from all of these events is the anticipation.
Especially, now, with social media.
They can really hype you up.

When I went through my pictures for this event I laughed at the crazy snapshots I had.
Here's a picture of my computer screen as I had just found out Jordan was doing an "After Work Hang Out" the day after "our" event.
Yes, I actually considered it.

In anticipation for this event I purchased a $99 curling iron.
With only one curl of practice here we stand in my kitchen as the kids were eating dinner at 4:30 right after school.
I was so excited I was taking pictures and texting as Mark was doing my hair.

We're getting there.
Mark looks thoroughly amused huh?

My dad took this picture as if I was going off to prom or something.

Here we are! Set to go!
My friend Sara on the right was my college roommate.
Jessica is on the left, we all went to high school together.
I don't see them often.
Which made this night even more special.
We (Ok I) were really hyped up and couldn't wait to get on the road to Minneapolis in traffic on a Wednesday.

We got dropped off in Minneapolis (by my dad)
at about 6:00.  Jessica dove into Fogo de Chao to use the bathroom.
We walked a couple blocks down and found the line at Mill City.
It was short and I couldn't convince these two to stand in line for several hours anyway.
We headed to the bar next door, The Loon and had dinner (I think I ate six bites - my nerves were setting in) and a couple drinks.
We headed back to Mill City when they "opened the doors."
Turns out "open the doors" means wait downstairs in a small ass basement with about 50 other crazed fans.  Even I said, "Ah, hell no."  We got our wrist bands and headed back to The Loon.

Waiting for our wristbands outside Mill City.

We walked in and Sara said, "I'm ordering us Long Islands."
I haven't had a Long Island since my wedding night.
There's a reason for that.

Another fan took our pic and then told us to do a funny face.
Apparently I wasn't in a funny mood…yet.

Yep, that's mine on the right.
My nerves were officially calmed.
So calmed in fact that I totally missed the time and next thing we knew there was THREE minutes until we were allowed up to the stage which as GENERAL ADMISSION!
I frantically ran to the bathroom and ran back upstairs and we headed over.

We got there and it was so packed we could barely step inside.  
In my head, worst case scenario was happening.
We were going to be last let in.

Before I began hyperventilating BEST case scenario happened.
All the girls who paid for a Skip the Line Pass passed us right up and filled up the first four rows.
I know that because as soon as the last Skip the Line Pass past us WE WERE NEXT!!!!!
Sooooo unfair to the other girls who were stuck in the basement for several hours but let me tell you, I did not care one bit.  
Here we are.  Fifth row.  Waiting for them to come on.
Technically at this point I was about 3 or 4 but the worst I ever was in the night was 5th.

I told these girls, stand your ground all night.
But they left to get a drink before the show even started.
They didn't have an easy a time getting back as they imagined.
I stood in the same spot for the entire 3.5 hours.

Ready to get this party started!

Next thing I knew…
There he was.

When I saw New Kids with Backstreet NKOTBSB
I was mesmerized by Nick Carter.  I wasn't a BS fan - but I knew their songs -
but the way Nick danced - FLOATED across the stage was amazing.
So these two together was awesome!

Here's my favorite part of the night.
Jordan finally sees me.
See how happy he is?!

It was almost embarrassing how much attention he gave me after that;-)

Since I had been standing in the same spot for nearly four hours when they walked off the stage I headed to the bathroom.  
We walked back to The Loon and ordered drinks and low and behold my dad drove by.
We ditched the drinks and hopped in the van and laughed and talked the whole way to downtown St. Paul.  We had a few on 7th Street. 
Back story, in 1999 Sara and I went to Vegas and ended up going back a week later with my dad.
Being roommates with someone gives you a connection for life.
I'm lucky enough that my dad loves her almost as much as I do.
I think that's precious!

Then headed to Taco Bell.
We ordered several bags of T.B. and headed to my house.
Then we all passed out.

After about two dozen texts to Laura over the full 48 hours of this even I sent this to her Thursday morning titled: The Aftermath

A snapshot of Jordan's fb post.
I'm sure he meant Kelly was on FIRE tonight!!!!
But he doesn't want fans to egg my house.

While in the recovery process I was checking social media to see if he had anything else to say about me.
This isn't the best shot since they included way too much of the band and stage area.
Look to the far left of the screen to the super fan wearing red with her arms up with a yellow purse strap across her.
Oh yes!  Yours truly!!

Let's just say the night was a complete success from beginning to end.
I had so much fun and I'm so happy I got to share it with Sara and Jessica.
Now you guys have something to hang over my head forever!

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