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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Screw the 6+

About a year ago I accidentally ordered myself a new phone case but for the wrong iPhone.  Man, that feeling sucks.  The case sat in a drawer for nearly a year until I upgraded.  Now I use it even tho the pic is pretty old and Brecken doesn't even have all his teeth.

Today Mama Deb's gift came…you guessed it….a new phone case.  I spent quite a bit of time "designing" it.  I was so excited to see it. I opened it.  I thought, "She is going to LOVE this!"  Then Mark walked by and said, "It's wrong.  Won't fit."  And kept on walking.  OMG he's right.  I ordered a 6+.  Ooooooh I'm so mad and sad!  Not only what a waste of money but now I won't be able to get a new one in time!

If you know someone who has an iPhone 6+ and they think my kids are cute, let me know.  It's all theirs!

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