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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Many Uses for a Pregnancy Test

The Monday we got back from Mexico I picked the kids up from school and was making dinner.  Christian said, "Mom, can I do art?"  My answer is (almost) always YES!  That means he and probably the others will sit down at the table and create.  I love it.

We have a huge cabinet in the bathroom that the bottom portion has turned into the Art Closet over the years.  I recently threw quite a bit out and gave bags and bags of goodies to daycare and took a bunch more to school.  Still, we have way more than a normal family would ever have.  So he went in, rummaged around and came back out.  He quietly sat down at the kitchen table and started to create art with a USED PREGNANCY TEST!!!!

I just about died!

He took the cap off and rubbed it on an ink pad.  I took a pic and texted all my friends.  I whispered to Mark to go and look at him but not to say a word.  Mark walked into the kitchen and said, "What is that?"  really not knowing (yet) and Christian replied, "I don't know.  But it doesn't work very good."

When he was done he put the cap on and put it back.
Grossest thing ever.

I sent the text to Dad and Deb.  Poor Dad called a few days later to see if that was a recently used test.  He was hoping for Baby #4.

*Side note: When I was cleaning out the cabinet I was talking to Liv and told her I didn't know where to put the used pregnancy tests.  She said, "In the trash!" 
I told her I kept one from each baby and didn't want to throw them.  Now I did toss one.
This may be God's way of saying Keep on tossing Kelly!

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