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Friday, August 28, 2015

A Change

Today Victoria and Christian had their check ups.  They were both exactly 48 3/4 inches and within a pound of each other at 56lbs.  The nurse even double checked and said they are closer in size than most identical twins!  This was not music to Victoria's ears.

Even though they were both in the room the entire time, their actual exams were very different.  Victoria being nine and going to fifth grade for math, our pediatrician told me it's time to start talking about puberty with her.  It's so interesting….I do think that's normal for a 4th/5th grader.  But my little daughter?  No way.  But she was very interested in the words he said that she wasn't sure about.

She asked if we could talk during Brecken's nap.  She had quite a few questions that were easily answered.  Then we put a little notebook by her bed to write questions in so when we talk again (probably tomorrow) she won't forget anything.

This evening we were all playing in the yard and Victoria said, "Hey mom, I can't wait to talk again tonight before bed!  I thought of another question!"  Then she looks at Mark and said, "It's about puberty!"  with a huge smile.  Then she skipped away and I heard her say, "I'm not gonna be a kid for much longer!"  Oh man, I'm in trouble!

We did talk a bit before bed tonight.  I shut her door thinking about how, to an extent, things changed today.

Thirty minutes later I went to switch out the laundry and kissed Christian on the forehead and he was in a deep sleep.  I tiptoed into Victoria's room.  She was sleeping.  I turned on the light a bit because I wanted to look at her sweet precious innocent face.  As I knelt down to look at her cute little face I realized she was sleeping with her five foot stuffed giraffe, Highest.  There she is cuddled up with a huge stuffed animal, clutching "favorite blankie."

I hope somethings don't change for some time.

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