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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Once a Team Always a Team

When I started teaching I named my class Team 214.  
I give a speech a few times a year that once you're a member of the team you're always a member of the team.  No matter how old you get, I will be here for you.
After ten years, I taught first grade for a year and we were Team 109.
Then I went back to second grade with seven of my first graders and we were Team 212.  Not a very nice ring to it, however, that year we were tight.  Tighter than most, having that a third of the class was together for two entire years.  

Laura sent me this picture the other day.  

With the picture it said, "This is exactly why I love to work with you.  You are an amazing teacher who truly cares about children.  I know his afternoon will be better because you took the time to listen.  He needed you at that exact minute and you were there because you would stop anything to help a student or a friend.  Love ya!"

I am seriously so lucky to work with her!
Who wouldn't LOVE to hear those amazing words?

Last week during my prep I heard my little friend crying in the hall.  I had him for two years and can recognize his cry as I would recognize one of my own children.
I went out, put my arm around him and we went for a walk hand in hand trying to talk out the issue he was having.
Usually that's all it takes.  One fast walk to shake him out of his funk.
But this day I ended up splitting my banana with him and he silently read for about ten minutes back in my class. 
Then he looked up at me and said, "I'm ready now."  We high fived and he headed back to third grade.
This is the reason I teach.
To really make a difference.
Very rarely is there an actual picture or someone who notices.

I am so appreciate Laura captured it for me!

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  1. That story brought tears to my eyes. Seriously.