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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9th = Almost the Most Perfect Day

Today is June 9th.  We've been out of school for a few days.  It passed 90 degrees today.  V had a seven hour play date.  B had school for an hour at a park.  We managed to hit three more throughout the day.  We meant Burnsie at the beach.  Tess met us there, which means I actually got to relax.  Still can't find my bathing suit…but that's ok because I got burned anyway.  The sheet rock was hung today, which means we have walls.

On this most gorgeous almost perfectly perfect day, Hammy the Hamster died.  Christian found his first very own pet passed away in his cage today.  He crumbled to the floor in hysterics.  I held him and rocked him while he sobbed.

Luckily, a beach trip was a huge distraction.

Christian played baseball tonight; as well as he always does.

It was almost, the most perfect day.

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