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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brecky Boo Turned 3!

Dear Brecky Boo,
When I was considering have a third child (YOU!) one thing I worried about is I wouldn’t have enough time with you to teach and love you the way you deserve to be taught and loved.  As your third birthday just passed I am proud to say I no longer need to worry about either.  Not only am I doing a fine job of teaching and loving you everyone else in your life is also.  Especially your sister and brother.  You may never really understand not only how much they love you, but how much they are there for you in every single way every single day.   Their love for you amazes me.  They each would give up anything for you.  You are such a lucky little brother!

This year was huge for you in many ways.  2015 started out with me taking you to Theraplay several times a week.  Luckily, this lead us to getting your ears checked.  It turned out you couldn’t hear!  I was shocked!  A few short weeks later (after weeks of appointments) in early June you have surgery to put tubes in and had your adenoids removed.  Not only did you begin hearing …you started TALKING!  The day after the surgery you said a couple words you’d never used before, the next day you were putting two words together for the first time ever!  It truly felt like a miracle.  The months that followed were so exciting!  Every time you’d see a friend or family member they would always mention how well you were speaking and my heart would explode with gratitude.  Over the summer you continued going to see Ms. Denise and Ms. Lindsey for speech.  However, a couple months before your third birthday we quit all services because there was nothing else to work on!  Your speech is actually better than an average three year old now!  I am so proud of you and so thankful that everything worked out!

Your favorites as you turn three are:
·         Your Ning Ning
·         Reading books – particularly Scooby Doo right now
·         Playing with chalk in the driveway
·         Collecting sticks
·         Rough housing with your brother
·         Mommy singing you songs rubbing your eyebrows at bedtime
·         Daddy’s dragon stories
·         Victoria’s learning games she’s always making up
·         Your favorite show to watch is Sheriff Callie…the more times the better.

Even though you turning three is so bittersweet, I am looking forward to watching you learn and grow this year.  Lately you've been calling me your Favorite Mommy.  I love it and will embrace this phase as long as it lasts.hopefully for the next year:-).

Love you always and forever no matter what,

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