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Friday, November 26, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

On November 13th we had a snow storm.  It was perfect because that was the day Santa flew in to the mall.  We had been waiting to have breakfast with him.  The kids were so excited.  It was truly blizzard like conditions but we made the six block trek over to the mall.  As we walked out of Sears and into the rotundra, there it was. . .Santa's 'house'. We raced over.  We were standing right behind Santa.  He had his back to us and Victoria said, "He must not be here yet."  Then Santa turned around and looked right at her.  It was magical.  Her little face LIT up and she hugged his leg. 

Last year Christian bawled on Santa's lap.  He's been talking about it all year.  This year he was not going to cry.  He was hesitant.  But he didn't cry. 

After enjoying orange juice and cinnamon rolls we colored somje pictures for Santa and wrote out this lists.
I was explaining to Christian this was his chance to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas.  He said, "No. I have too much toys already." 

I was thinking I don't see him cuddling on Santa's lap anytime soon.

Christian said, "I want a new ain with oke."   Santa got it!  He said, "Oh a new train with smoke!!"  Christian was all smiles nodding his head.
Santa asked Victoria to read her list to him.  At the top of her list was a Leapster.  The following day Victoria said, "I feel bad for Santa.  I didn't know Santa doesn't know how to read.  Maybe we could teach him."

Let the Holdiays begin.  This is going to be a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Santa doesn't know how to read? That melted my heart! You should make a video of her reading to Santa and tell her you're going to mail it to him and then keep it for when she's an adult.