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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bye Bye Baby

I throughly believe in Nuks.  I think it is important that infants have the opportunity to suck.  I think Nuks are GREAT to keep a baby pacified in the car.  I believe Nuks are great at helping toddlers learn to be good sleepers.  At the age of almost two a Humphrey rule goes into effect at our house.  Nuks only  at bedtime.  Both of our children had many Nuks.  Different shapes and colors.  They both would hold one in each hand and suck another and dreamily close their little eyes and fall fast asleep.  I had many tricks to keep those little buggers in their beds too.  Surrounding the bed with blankies to deter them from falling out.  Before I would go to bed I would stragtegically place Nuk around their little bodies so no matter which way they rolled they could find one.  I loved their relationships with their Nuks.  More than one night, Christian's 'extra' after his prayers was his Nuk. 

On February 28, 2008 the Nuk Fairy paid Victoria a visit.  She came and took the Nuks and left V a note and a little present.  She cried the following night.  But that was it.  No more Nuks.

I've been thinking about the arrival of the Nuk Fairy for Christian.  I was in no rush.  As long as it happened by age 3 I was cool with that.  I liked that little baby side of him.  I liked rocing and singing to him with his head on my chest sucking away. 

On November 26, 2010 I couldn't find a Nuk at naptime for Christian.  Well, as we were in a long weekend I figured it's as good as a time as any.  I told him, "I guess the Nuk Fairy came while we were out!"  I assured him I'd make a couple phone calls while he was napping to be sure he was coming back with a present that night.  He napped no problem.  Totally bought all my lines.  He asked if I called him.  "Yes!  He's coming tonight to make sure he got them all and he'll leave a really nice present."  He was pumped. 

He did say he wanted the Nuks back as he was lying down.  But that was that.  He awoke in the morning to a forest green brand new trash truck and a note.

Victoria loved how her Fairy was a girl and Christian's was a boy.  That really got them thinking.  The following day at naptime he said he wanted his Nuks back again.  I told him how happy those babies are right now & assured him that really big boys don't really need Nuks.  I kissed him and shut his door.  When I went to check on him 20 minutes later he was standing on his mini rocking chair and had EVERYTHING out of his top drawer.  This is where the Nuks were kept.  But it's also where socks, big boy underwear and important papers are kept, the engrraved compass from his baptism from Aunt Molly, savings bonds and even cash from his first bday.  I really have a better spot for the last few items but i must have stuck them in there after his first bday and forgot about them.  Well, there it was.  All over the floor.  Mark rocked him to sleep and I organized all his socks.  That was all the drama that transpired.  In the end I think I was more attached to the Nuks than them. 

He loves his truck and barely misses his Nuks.  I will sneak the last three into the baby box this weekend. 

Bye bye baby boy.

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  1. He IS such a big boy. And it's a little hard to tell but C's Nuk fairy is kind of scary looking!