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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mexico 2010

Mark and I had another fabulous time in Mexico last month.  I've put off blogging baout it because I want to add so many details.  I don't want to forget a thing.  But if I wait much longer I may never go back and do it.  The digital scrapbook has come in the mail and the iMovie is almost complete.  How much documentation do we really need anyway?

Our trip got off to a great start.  We had great flights.  We knew what we were doing and we were so excited and relaxed.  I underpacked for once and we took a completely empty suitcase with.  Smart move!

We went jet skiing and snorkeling on our first day at Miroma.

Enjoying a drink at Tequila Barrel.

The last few years I've tried to get my picture taken with a monkey. 
This year I wasn't leaving without one!

We had a family of monkeys living just a few yards away from our balcony.
They're so cute. . . from afar.

Enjoying Happy Hopur in town.

Our gorgeous resort.
We were blessed wtih the best weather we've ever had.  It was high 80's each day. 
The other couple years it's been high 90's and humid.

It's not everyday you can get your picture taken with a peacock.

This is my favorite picture of the 350 we took.  I remember thinking, "It can't get much better," as I snapped it.  A beautiful day relaxing at the pool after spending the morning at the beach.

In the very middle of that billboard is Mark's face.  He's apparently the new Cover Boy for Tequila Barrel's business.  He's on the website and billboards ont he main highway in Playa.  Pretty cool!

LOVE our time at the beach.  Holding hands strolling.  Digging for the most spectacular seashells.  Writing in the sand.  Finding hermit crabs.  Taking picutres of each other. 
That's what I love about this vacation.  Time together.

An amazing sunrise.

We found a new favorite restaurant.  The Mosquito Blue.
Delicious food.  Right on the main street. 
Perfect people watching but secluded enough.  So fun!

Our favorite restaurant in the resort is defintely the Japanese restaurant. 
Once again I was reminded I really do like sushi. 
The making of this meal is really two hour entertainment. 
 We met some nice couples from around the world.

Our favorite hang out in the resort - The Lounge

I don't think there's a thing I would change about this vacation.  We stayed for the perfect amount of time.  We enjoyed a first class flight on the way home.  It was perfect to relax & read. 
We had to perfect amount of relaxing, shopping, lounging and partying.
It was wonderful.  
Already looking forward to 2011. 

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