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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do You Know Christian Kane?

Last week Olivia and I set Thursday as Girls' Night Out to meet for dinner.  We emailed several times in the few days leading up to Thursday.  We hadn't seen each other in a while and were excited to hang out.  She picked me up around 6:00.  We had decided to hit Ikea before dinner.  There's nothing better than paling around with a buddy at a completely empty Ikea.  I didn't need anything.  She only needed one small item.  Less than an hour into our visit this is what Olivia looked like.
That's BEFORE I bought two tables.

While shopping in the Home Storage section we started talking about the Container Store.  I said how I wished we had one in MN.  She whipped out the handy dandy iPhone and found one less than 10 minutes away.
We were off on another adventure.
We were the only two costumers in the store.  We had 30 minutes until close.  We loaded up an entire cart of random items that aren't needed but so fun to have.

Finally we headed to dinner at 9:10pm on a school night!
It was a surprise.  She always researches and takes me to new and exciting places.
You can imagine my shock when she not just pulled into a bowling alley parking lot but actually parked. Hmmm. . .this is going to be intesting. . . turns out they are rated to have the BEST sampler platter in MN.  Sampler platters are totally my thing.
However, only drunk men must have been voting because the sampler platter itself was nothing to rave about.  However, we talked, and laughed and ate and drank. 
It was a blast.

On our way out we were talking about what we were going to do the coming weekend.
She said, "I can't tell you what I'm doing tomorrow.  Only my mom knows in case I turn up missing."
Oh, sure.  I'm going to let that slide.

Finally, I get it out of her she's not only going to a concert where she will be the Ulitimate Fan but she was planning on going alone.  She was also going to meet him!  That's pretty major!  Remember I know how it feels!  I listened to her reasons.  I told her she would be making a huge mistake.  Sharing the experience is just as good as the experience itself.

She said she'd consider taking me.

The next day I got the word.  Yes, she'd like me to go.
I immediately started to become a fan.  A concert is much more fun if you're a fan, of course.  So I found some songs on youtube and then Liv sent me 1,000,000 links of info. 

When I left school it was a blizzard.
I got home with the kids.  Cuddled Christian for a short bit and was outta there.
The usual 20 minute drive to Liv's house took close to an hour.
Then we slid -literally I assure you - over to the highway for a nice and leisurely 90 minute drive in rush hour track during a blizzard.
Finally we arrived at the awesome bar Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill.  That isn't an actual picture on the MN location.  Our bar is way bigger and way cooler.

Already I was in heaven.

But it was a super fun night!! 
My highlights of the night were helping Liv get pics of herself with the whole band.

All these fabulous photos were taken by yours truly.
The band was very gracious.
I am officially a fan.
Enough, that next time I will take pictures with them.

This time I just wanted a picture with my Livi.

Here's Christian Kane himself.

We had very good standing room only 'seats.' 
I'm glad I went.
I was really glad the roads & traffic were so much better on the way home.

I'm happy to know Christian Kane now.
I'm even happier I got to share a very exciting night with Liv.

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  1. All that (awesome post, btw) and you didn't even post it? Wow, shocked.

    and I can't remember if I told you HOW MUCH I LOVE the Ikea pic! It's so fun!