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Monday, January 24, 2011

My 32nd birthday

Nealry three months ago I celebrated my 32nd birthday.  It was a such a fun night I put off blogging about it because I wanted to include all the details.  Now, weeks and weeks later I've forgotten many off the details however, I will recall all that I can. 

 Mark took V & C shopping at Target and let them pick out whatever they wanted.  I got a nice set of glasses that have red polka dots - because red is my favorite color.  I received a pair of silver hoops - because I wear them all the time.  (Clearly, I already owned a pair that I like:)  A Willow Tree statue because 'we always buy you these' and a back scrubber because 'it's about time you start washing your back' a direct quote out of the four and half year old's mouth.

We let Victoria plan the evening. She thought a trip to Chuck E Cheese was the 'perfect' spot.  We went to the 'far away' Chuck E Cheese after school.  When we walked in the guy asked if we were celebrating anything.  Victoria so proudly and loudly said, "We're celebrating Mommy's birthday!"  So mommy got to wear a nametag sticker that said, "My name is Mommy and today is my birthday!"  I loved it:)

We had a blast playing games together!!

Not long ago I had to kneel down and C sat on my knee to be able to play air hockey.

She loves to earn a bunch of tickets and then run around with them yelling,
 "Look!  Look!  I hit the jackpot!"

It's always fun to get to see Chuck E. himself.

Ok, maybe not always.

This is his new favorite game.  He is pretty good.

After cashing in hundreds of tickets and 'buying' tons of junk, including cotton candy
 we had a late dinner at my favorite fast food - Arby's.

It was straight to bed.
It was a very happy birthday

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  1. I can't tell you how GOOD that made me feel. I've been stressed about being so behind on blogging. But when I see that your list goes back to NOVEMBER 8th! it made me feel better. I'm at least up to the week between Xmas and New Years!.

    (And that sounds like an ideal birthday--maybe I should let V/C plan MY 32nd!)