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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Victoria Debut as Mary

Back in December our Sunday School held a Christmas program.  It seemed as though God didn't want it to actually take place.  Our first real whole one hour rehearsal was cancelled due to an ice storm in late November.  We had another canceled rehearsal two weeks later.  We ended up rehearsing at 8pm on a Wednesday night.  Then ultimately pushed the whole program back a week.  We were not yet prepared.

The program was less than stellar.  It was a disaster.  I wanted to yell, "Stop video taping this!"  at my husband, but refrained.  I will NEVER EVER watch that again.  Once in a lifetime was painfull enough.

Victoria did do a good job as Mary.  Although she went through three Joseph's before their entry.  Those boys just couldn't handle following directions.  So she lead the way for the 4th and final Joseph.  She knocked on those four inn doors like a pro.  The last door didn't open quick enough so she gave it a kick.  The congregation laughed. 

Finally it was over.

Here's V & C checking out Baby Jesus.

Christian yelled, "Dis baby not real!!" He was disappointed.

My friend Odelis played the piano for us.
Victoria loves her friend Odelis!

So. Glad. That's. Over.

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