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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February the Month of Celebrations

I love celebrations.  I doesn't take much for me to celebrate.  I figure there are so many regular days in the year we should make as many special as we can.  That probably explains why I go crazy for my children's birthdays.  We basically celebrate a birth month rather than just that day.  Yesterday, February 1st, I told Christian's "It's all over buddy."  January was in the past.

However, that brings us to February.  My favorite month of celebrationing!  I chose to have my wedding in the month for crying out loud.

We have so many celebrations in second grade I had each second grader make their own calendar yesterday.

Here's the run down:

Feb 2nd - Groundhog's Day - He did NOT see his shadow Hooray!
Feb 5th - Our sixth anniversary - yippee!!
Feb 11th - Blizzard Blast at school - the kids with love it
Feb 14th - Valentine's Day - my favorite holiday
Feb 15th - 100th Day of School - only 72 left
Feb 21st - Presidents' Day - No school - even for the teachers!!

It's a short and full month.  It's a cold and dreary month.  Looking forward to all these celebrations to get us one more month closer to spring.


  1. Well, first of all, I'm fairly sure "celebrationing" is not a real word. But I love it anyway!

    And you're right, that's a lot of celebrations in one little month.

    Let's not forget 2/25, the Day of Kaye! and I say we add 2/26, Simon, V, and C Christmas party to the list as well.